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Conservation advice and treatment of objects.
Susanne Rawson (nee Grieve) grew up in a National Register of Historical Places home built in 1851 as part of an idealistic communal society in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was hence influenced from a young age by the natural setting and admiration for the past. Her formative years were further spent in the Southern USA where she developed a deeper appreciation for the historical and social influences of coastal environments on identify. An exploration of geography and a desire to gain experience in new environments has led her to reside in Taranaki with her family where she is developing her appreciation for the Aotearoa New Zealand past through community based research on underwater and near water heritage sites. Susanne believes that more open, wide-reaching and transparent communication with realistic goals and resources can lead to better understandings of the past and find future directions for the preservation of significant heritage sites and objects. Through her work as a cultural materials conservator and PhD candidate she strives to reshape heritage practices to incorporate public interactions with the past. Her work is influenced by serving in many roles related to cultural heritage preservation, material culture, and archaeology including non-profit, education, and private practice environments with a variety of materials and in locations from the Arctic to the Antarctic, South America and across the Near East and Africa. She is currently a PhD candidate at Victoria University Wellington in the Museum and Heritage Studies programme and the Principal Conservator for HPFS Solutions.

Heritage Preservation & Field Support (HPFS) Solutions is based in New Plymouth, Taranaki. We provide advice and treatment to clients across the country and Pacific region. Objects can be delivered to our studio, in person or by courier, or arrangements can be made for us to provide transportation. Please visit our website for more details about who we are and our services: artifactpreservation.com.
Relevant training
Victoria University Wellington, Ph.D. Candidate, March 2017 to Present
University College London, M.A. Principles of Conservation, awarded Sept 2005
Flinders University, Australia, NAS Cert. Foreshore Archaeology, awarded March 2002
University of West Florida, B. A. Anthropology/ Archaeology, awarded Dec. 2003
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