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Full Membership Requirements

Full members of NZCCM are experienced practicing professionals in Conservation and closely related fields such as Collection Care or Conservation Science. If you have any questions regarding eligibility and the application process outlined below, please get in touch with our Membership Committee. 

An applicant for Full Membership should be working solely or mainly in Conservation and be able to demonstrate that they:

  • Hold a recognised formal qualification in the conservation of cultural materials.


  • Have five years of supervised professional work experience in the field of the conservation of cultural materials.


Supporting Documentation  


  • Two recent signed letters / emails from referees in the NZCCM or another professional Conservation organisation or role. 
  • A copy of applicant's Curriculum Vitae.
  • Documentation of two recent conservation projects. We will accept formal written word documents, PowerPoint or copies of publications and links to web documentation. 
  • Qualification in Conservation.  We will accept official copies of degrees or official University transcripts.
  • For candidates without formal qualifications - please provide evidence of working experience for five years. If using five years supervised work experience, please ensure that your referees are past /current line managers or colleagues that can support evidence of your suitability.
  • If applicant is accredited through a recognised conservation accreditation scheme (for example, ICON) please provide documentation.
  • If applicant is a fellow of another conservation organisation, please provide documentation.

Please supply all the required information in digital format and in English; the NZCCM does not have the resources to provide translations.

Please upload these documents during the application process. 

Please note that the Membership Committee reserves the right to request additional information from your referees and from you regarding projects as necessary.

Application Process Summary:

  • NZCCM accepts applications for membership at any time.  Once you have submitted your application and uploaded your supporting documents, you will receive a written acknowledgement of receipt of your application.
  • The NZCCM Membership Committee will consider and make decisions on each application within six weeks of the application submission date.  At least two thirds or more of the Membership Committee should vote in favour of the application to secure membership in NZCCM.
  • Each applicant will receive a results notification email with the Membership Committee’s decision. A successful applicant shall be deemed a Full Member of the NZCCM only upon payment of the subscription fee. 
  • Payment terms for successful candidates is 30 days from the acceptance notifications. You can pay the subscription when you apply online or wait until you receive your acknowledgement letter.
  • Successful applicant names, photographs (optional) and profiles will be published in the following relevant NZCCM Newsletter.

If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact the membership

committee (

Please note anyone wishing to become an Affiliate of the NZCCM should apply using the Affiliate Application.

Apply Now

Thank you for your interest in joining the NZCCM and we look forward to receiving your application!


Full Membership: $60 NZD per annum. 

  • The Association’s quarterly newsletter
  • The opportunity to attend the annual conference at a discounted rate
  • Only Full members have full voting rights at NZCCM AGM and board elections
  • Only Full members can be nominated to the NZCCM Board
  • Only Full members have the opportunity to be listed on our Public Directory
  • Access to the online Member Hub which includes professional and social forums, archives, job postings, useful links and more. 

    By joining our conservation community you will not only receive membership benefits but you are supporting the conservation of Aotearoa's cultural heritage. 

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