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Using Traditional Knowledge for Disaster Risk Reduction: From Words into Action in collaboration with the UN Office of Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)

  • 15 Jul 2021
  • 12:00 PM (CEST)
  • Rome

ICCROM Lecture Series Poster 15 July 2021

Thursday, 15 July, 2021 - 12:00

Place: Rome

Moderator: Rohit Jigyasu, ICCROM

- Dave Paul Zervaas, Programme Management Officer, UNDRR
- Robert Sakic Trogrlic, Post doctoral research associate, King’s College London
- Takeyuki Okubo, Director, Institute of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage, Ritsumeikan University, (R-DMUCH), Kyoto, Japan
- Ebru Gencer, Executive Director, Center for Urban Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (CUDRR+R)
- Elena Isayev, Professor of Ancient History and Place, Exeter University, UK
- Marjorie Balay-as, Indigenous Kankanaey from the Philippines

Traditional knowledge for disaster risk reduction develops through the close relationship of communities with their environment. This accumulated knowledge based on the direct experience with disasters enables the communities to not only build resilience against impending disasters but also respond and recover in post disaster situations. However, rather than merely rediscovering the traditional knowledge, we need to find practical ways of adapting it to contemporary context and mainstreaming it as part of disaster risk management practice. The webinar aims to show examples that demonstrate the application of traditional knowledge for disaster risk reduction in various contexts. It is based on the “Words into Action Implementation Guide” on this topic that is currently under development as joint initiative of ICCROM and UN Office of Disaster Risk Reduction.

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